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LESSON 1 > The Basics: What’s Changing & Why it Matters!
You’ve heard the news, but what’s all the fuss about? John LaPlante, Head of Learning at Testive, will break down the changes to clear up the confusion.

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LESSON 2 > NEW SAT Content Overview: Sneak Peek of What’s to Come!
Testive Coach, Sophie Heller, explains what each section of the test will look like so there’s no surprises on test day. 

LESSON 3 > Testive’s Take: Insight from Testive CEO, Tom Rose
Standardized test industry expert, Tom Rose, gives his take on the changes and what affect it will have on students, parents, and the test prep industry.

LESSON 4 > NEW SAT vs. ACT: Which Test Should Your Student Take?
ACT or NEW SAT? That is the question! Coach Carlos Cousins lays out the difference between the two tests and how you can decide which test is right for your student.

LESSON 5 > Changes to the PSAT: The Inside Scoop
Road2College founder, Debbie Schwartz, reveals why it makes sense for every student to take the PSAT and what to expect. 

LESSON 6> Teacher tell all: Why the NEW SAT Better Aligns with Common Core
Math teacher, and part-time Testive Coach, Brian Skeffington, talks about how the NEW SAT is better-aligned with the Common Core curriculum and how that benefits students.

LESSON 7 > Test Prep: When & How to Prep for the NEW SAT
Testive’s Student Success Advisor, Andrea Schlageter, explains best practices for preparing for the NEW SAT and how Testive can help students achieve their goals. 

LESSON 8 > Guidance from Guidance Counselors
Sarah Newlin, Testive’s Guidance Counselor Outreach Consultant, explores how guidance counselors are preparing for the NEW SAT and what advice they’ll be giving parents and students.

LESSON 9> Advice from Admissions
Are college admissions counselors prepared for the NEW SAT? Kirk Daulerio & Andrew Magliozzi from AdmitHub chime in on this important topic.

LESSON 10 > Closer Look: Math Section
Get a closer look at the Math section of the NEW SAT as Testive’s Head of Learning, John LaPlante, provides commentary on some sample problems and tips on how you can prepare for them.

LESSON 11 > Closer Look: Reading, Writing, and the Essay
Testive Coach, and grammar expert, Sophie Heller walks us through sample questions from the Reading & Writing section and provides insight on who should consider completing the essay and why.